06/10/14  I’ve finally accepted that my computer doesn’t hate me. Doesn’t try to make my life miserable. Doesn’t introduce new lines of code to trick me. Isn’t trying to embarrass me. I’m just looking at things a little differently. As we age, how we process information changes. It doesn’t necessarily degrade, but rather processes slower and relies on different cues for making sense of our world—and our computers.

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I am an author of eight books in four languages. LESSONS FOR THE LIVING: STORIES OF FORGIVENESS, GRATITUDE AND COURAGE AT THE END OF LIFE is my memoir of being a bedside hospice volunteer for six years while battling prostate cancer. My next book, LEANING INTO SHARP POINTS: PRACTICAL GUIDANCE AND NURTURING SUPPORT FOR CAREGIVERS will be published in March, 2012 by New World Library and focus on caregiving for loved ones who have a progressive or terminal illness.