04/07/14  I recently returned from a fly-fishing trip to the Mt. Shasta area. As I waded the McCloud River I struggled to remain on top of rounded, slippery rocks.

After falling the second time, I looked for a better way of remaining erect. Instead of fighting to remain on top of the rocks, I let my foot gently slide off of it to more level surfaces. Amazing lesson for aging! Don’t struggle to maintain the impossible-adapt to what’s possible.

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I am an author of eight books in four languages. LESSONS FOR THE LIVING: STORIES OF FORGIVENESS, GRATITUDE AND COURAGE AT THE END OF LIFE is my memoir of being a bedside hospice volunteer for six years while battling prostate cancer. My next book, LEANING INTO SHARP POINTS: PRACTICAL GUIDANCE AND NURTURING SUPPORT FOR CAREGIVERS will be published in March, 2012 by New World Library and focus on caregiving for loved ones who have a progressive or terminal illness.