I am inviting bloggers to submit guest blogs and groups/organizations to have their websites listed on my website, stangoldbergwriter.com if your blog or organization is related to:

Chronic Illness
End of life
Grieving and Recovery

The First Step

Please browse my website to see if this site is appropriate for you.

No Cross Links Necessary

This invitation does not require fees or reciprocal links. You are welcome to use any of my blog posts on your website or provide links, but if you choose not to, I still welcome your blog or listing. There are too many people to serve and too few helpful resources to allow self-interest to get in the way.

Traffic to My Site and Social Media Sites

My site is dedicated to the above topics and lists more than 150 of my own blogs. The website receives 75,000 page views annually, and my blogs are carried on social media sites that reach more than 50,000 people a week. I carry no commercial advertising and have no interest in doing so.

How to Submit Resources

At the top of each page on the Website you’ll find drop-down tabs. Under “Resources” are the subcategories in which you can list your organization. The requirements to be listed are:

1. One external link embedded within your organization’s name

2. One sentence description of what your organization does

3. Selection where your organization should appear in one of the seven categories

4. Acknowledgement from the director/president of the organization that you have listing authority

Please send a completed description to press@stangoldbergwriter.com


How to Submit Guest Blogs

The drop downs for “Guest Blogs” are the same as for “Resources”. The requirements for guest blogs are:

1. New or previously published blog

2. Quality of writing (content, style, relevance to my site visitors)

3. Originality (please, no reiteration of someone else’s article or marketing based on it)

4. Available opening in the category you select

5. SEO considerations (This will result in you getting more visibility)

             a. 300-325 words

             b. At least one internal link to any of the articles on my site (including guest blogs)

             c. At least one external link (you can use your site or others)

             d. small photograph related to your blog’s topic (See format in “Thoughts of the Day” section on my site) Dreamstime offers great low cost pictures you can use. Select “small” on
your download options

             e. Other optimizations; desirable but not necessary (see WordPress suggestions)

Send the completed blog to press@stangoldbergwriter.com I will let you know if the blog is accepted and when it will appear. I won’t publish more than one new blog in any category each day.


Can I submit both blogs and resource websites?

Can I submit someone else’s blog that appears on my site?
     No. It has to be one you wrote.

Will you edit my blog?
     No. It has to be ready to publish. 


I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions at press@stangoldbergwriter.com

Take Care,


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